Design for life

Knowledge, experience, and trust are essential in the business of vintage furniture. For years, Reha Okay has honed his expert eye and continually added to his knowledge of designers and their objects. Reha Okay also is a competent contact and partner for collectors off the beaten tracks. His vast network can make things happen..

Experience is invaluable

The market for design classics has continued to grow in the past few years. Okay art has grown along with this process for the last 20 years. Our passion for things of beauty as well as our constant curiosity as to their creators have been our incentive to provide excellence. Time-tested design classics belong equally as well to our store of knowledge as new discoveries that match today’s zeitgeist. The history of furniture design from the 1930s till the 1980s appears to have been written long ago, but there is still a lot to be discovered. Scandinavian design, for instance, has only experienced a vintage boom in the last few years.

Purchase and restoration

With our network throughout Europe, we purchase selected pieces and prepare them in our workshops as required. The use of original materials and our know-how turn genuine collectors' items into design classics suitable for everyday use. In our workshops we work to high standards that collectors and dealers all over the world appreciate.

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